1. BUY FROM REPUTABLE RETAILERS. The best way to ensure the purchase of authentic Cuttwood products is to only buy from reputable retail shops and trusted online retailers. (Consumers in China and Indonesia should only buy from the authorized Cuttwood retailers listed on Cuttwood’s website for those two countries.  Consumers in China and Indonesia that purchase Cuttwood e-liquid from retailers not listed on Cuttwood’s website do so at their own risk and are likely purchasing either expired product or counterfeit product filled with unknown substances.)

2. GLASS BOTTLES. Authentic Cuttwood e-liquid sold in Asia is available only in glass bottles with a child-resistant dropper cap assembly at the top of the bottle. Authentic Cuttwood e-liquid sold in Asia is not packaged in plastic bottles.

3. BOTTLE SIZES. Authentic Cuttwood bottled e-liquid available in Asia is sold in 16.5, 30, 60 and 120 mL bottle sizes only.

4. LABEL DESIGN (FRONT PANEL). Authentic Cuttwood bottled e-liquid available in Asia have labels that are printed only in English and have the label designs shown in the pictures presented below. (Note: The label designs for Unicorn Milk, Sugar Drizzle and Mega Melons were updated to the designs pictured below in the middle of 2016, and any bottles currently being sold with the old label designs or designs that differ in any way from the labels below are either expired or counterfeit and should not be purchased.)

5. LABEL DESIGN (SIDE PANELS). In addition to updating the design of the front panels of Cuttwood’s bottle labels, the side panels were also updated to move the flavor ingredient listing from the left panel of the labels to the right panel, so as to have only health warnings shown on the left label panel. The Cuttwood “C” logo on the right panel was also rotated counter-clockwise at approximately a 45 degree angle. (The “C” logo on the right panel was previously printed vertically without any rotation.)

Authentic Cuttwood bottled e-liquid features a black tamper-evident plastic neck wrap that is imprinted with a repeating pattern of Cuttwood’s “C” logo and the words “AUTHENTIC CUTTWOOD”. Cuttwood-branded bottles that have a missing, torn or clear neck wrap may have been tampered with or may be counterfeit and should not be purchased.

7. BATCH CODE AND USE BY DATE. Authentic Cuttwood bottled e-liquid should have a “BATCH” code and “USE BY” date that is laser-etched into the label. The USE BY date is depicted on Month/Year format. Cuttwood e-liquid should be used by the end of the month indicated by the USE BY date (e.g. Cuttwood e-liquid that shows a 10/18 USE BY date should be used by October 31, 2018). The BATCH code and USE BY dates should feel rough to the touch as a result of Cuttwood’s laser-etching process. The BATCH code and USE BY dates are not printed with ink.

8. QUESTIONS OR REPORTING. Questions regarding whether a distributor or retailer is selling authentic Cuttwood products (or to report the suspected counterfeit of Cuttwood products) should be directed to